My Favorite Fall Boots Are From This Italian-Made Brand, and They’ve Lasted Me Years


Pulling stuff out of the back of your closet when it’s seasonally relevant again is akin to reuniting with old friends. At least for me it is, and that rush of excitement is never stronger than when summer gently cedes to fall. I live in cut-offs and sandals in hot weather, but when cooler temperatures start to prevail, that’s my signal that it’s time to return to fashion. And for the past few seasons, that’s meant I get to see my M.Gemi boots again.

The Corsa bootie, above, is what I’d close my eyes and picture if someone asked me to imagine a timeless boot silhouette. Its 55-millimeter heel height, which is just a little over two inches, is comfortable for commutes and standing around at after-work events without a chair in sight. (Remember events?) It has a discreet inner zipper, and the shaft comes up a little above the ankle. I have the all-suede version in a light tan color that’s no longer available; I love to wear it with all hues of blue denim and one brown midi skirt I bought specifically with the boot in mind. The latest version of this boot, the Corsa Concavo Suede (pictured below) is just as lush and $75 off (as is any boot from the Corsa Collection) when you use the code CORSA75 at checkout.